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65 Out Of Every 100 People In The United States Will Be In An Alcohol Related Crash Their Lifetime!
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Emergency Services Center, 22 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY 845-615-0575

If you know someone who has been in a crash, or you have survived a drunk driving crash, we can provide support and encouragement. Crash victims, families, friends and co-workers are encouraged to call.

We understand that people who have lost a loved one do not grieve in the same way or at the same pace. If your painful experience was yesterday or ten years ago, we are available to meet with you.

If you are not ready to speak with someone face to face but would like some reading material, please feel free to contact CHRIS, for information at or 845-615-0575contact us via email at: chale@co.orange.ny.us


Remember me when flowers bloom
Early in the spring
Remember me on sunny days
In the fun that summer brings Remember me in the fall
As you walk through the leaves of gold
And in the wintertime--remember me
In the stories that are told

But most of all remember
Each day—right from the start
I will be forever near
For I live within your heart

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